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Wine Tours

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Wine Tours

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do”.

Romans have been coming to these romantic picturesque hillside towns south of Rome for centuries, to relax, drink wine, and enjoy the breathtaking vistas of this historical winemaking region.

With Merumalia Team, you too can experience firsthand our Roman history and how we are creating new history in our exceptional wine making, from the vineyards to the bottle.  While enjoying guided tasting, we will share our philosophy on sustainable organic winemaking.

Merumalia is dedicated in producing wines of character and distinction. The minerality and volcanic rock in our terroir create wines of unique complexity, strong minerality and fruit forward characteristics. Our wines have a unique smoothness which makes them very food friendly. The natural terroir of our estate is reflected in every bottle of our wines.


2 hours.

  • Visit in the premises (winery and vineyards)
  • Tasting of organic products (3 wines and 1 Extravergin Olive Oil)
  • Organic local cheeses and salami