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At Merumalia, we feel the responsibility to preserve the landscape, its environment, the history and the local community traditions. Respect for our heritage guides our plans for agricultural wine production, quality and distinction, through hard work and smart, ethical business practices.

We spread the love for our land in every single activity, included the hospitality and experiential wine tours.

The microclimate of North-NorthEast hills of volcano that overlooks the Lago Regillo (one of the external crater of Grande Vulcano Laziale) helps us with nice thermal excursions. We have to be grateful with the morphology of our land, that shows beautiful basaltic rocks layers and it is very rich in potassium.

“Merumalia is an excellent example of farms using renewable energies”

The hot water used for the heating system and for the winery operations, is produced through photothermal panels combined with a biomass boiler (the fuel is wooden chips as produced by vines and olive trees prunings). The summer cooling system is based on heat pump. This integrated energy system is controlled by computer to optimise the use of fuel.

All Merumalia products are certificated to be Organic, i.e. they are produced without the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers or synthetic plant protection products, as these products will stay for long term in the field.

So you get only nature in your glass of wine!