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Team Building

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Team Building

In our Wine Team Building wine is primarily a means of exchange, sharing and fun used as a way to play together.

Team building is a really special offsite activity available all year round.

From the end of August to the first half of October you too can take part in the most characteristic moment of the year: the grape and olives harvest.

Learning how to select the best grapes or olives, you will take part in the harvest, demonstrating your manual skills.

Understaing how quality wines and olive oils are all about of team work.

All year round, guided by sommelier, team building participants will have a unique opportunity to learn the story and curiosities concerning wine production and discover wine sensory evaluation techniques!


Participants divided into teams are called to solve three challenges:

  • Blind Tasting
  • Aroma Recognition
  • Wine Pairings

The activity ends with a glass of wine and a toast. Having a good time together and drinking a glass of good Italian wine can help the members of a team getting in touch and becoming friends, which is always good for the team building.