Whoever wishes to can discover the vineyards, the production philosophy and the winemaking techniques.

Visitors are guided through area history and culture discovering where wines and extra virgin olive oil of Merumalia see the light. The itinerary starts with a visit to the olive trees and later entering the vineyard. The estate extends for 11 hectares, 1 of which are dedicated to olive cultivation while on the rest of the land grow autochthon quality grapes. All of this is cared for following the principles of biological agriculture, gentle an natural method that uses the natural fecundity of the soil, rich in minerals, safekeeping its structure and respecting its natural development cycles. The visit ends in the wine cellar learning about winemaking techniques and tasting of the products.

A unique, fascinating and fun experience that catches the eye, bewitches the nose and enchants the spirit.

Jogging at the estate

For natural sport lovers, it’s possible to jog at the estate. The route starts at the old farmhouse, enters the olive grove and then continues into the vineyard. All in alternating soft slopes that distinguish the estate.

A unique, fascinating and invigorating experience that catches the eye on the breathtaking views (Rome, Castelli Romani, Renaissance villas) and restores both body and spirit.